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 6 min 23 sec • Completed Nov 2017


Claire's choice of a souvenir turns into her worst nightmare.



Claire is having a house party. Her friend Mike notices a lava rock and warns her about the dangers of taking a rock off the island. Claire doesn't seem fazed by the warning and tells Mike 'It's just superstition.' Later that night superstition turns into reality.




The genesis of Obake was the combination of Japanese folklore and Hawaiian urban legends such as the faceless noppera-bō ghosts and Pele’s Curse. My producer, Ryan Fukuhara, and I wanted to weave these myths together to tell a message that is as relevant today as it was at the start of… Colonization? Society? Time? 

Folklore and horror have always been powerful tools because of their capacity to fascinate us, holding us captive with arresting visuals while whispering dark truths about our world. We hope to operate on two levels: the entertaining and scary surface of the film and the (even scarier) reality of conquest and modern America’s lack of respect for nature and culture. 

Our crew came together over the course of a weekend on a single set and a limited budget to tell this tale. This production would not have been possible without their hard work, dedication, ability to deal with the unexpected and willingness to take on any task necessary. They made the long days manageable and fun and I am endlessly grateful for their help bringing this vision to life.